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Safe return to work

Face mask detection

Real-time identification of whether or not your clients are wearing a face mask.

Social distance

Check if the social distance recommendations are being followed in your premises.

Access control

Monitor how many people have entered your premises and regulate access to avoid exceeding your maximum allowed capacity.

Automatic alerts

Configure and receive the alerts you need to keep your customers and your business safe.


Face mask detection

Social distance

Access control


whether or not your customers are wearing a face mask.


if they follow social distance recommendations.


and monitor access to your premises.


the manager if someone enters without the mandatory face mask.


safely the distance between customers and staff.


the busiest areas in your store.


the areas with the most traffic.


high risk areas where people tend to pile up.


a safe environment for your customers and staff.

Audience Engagement

Grab the attention of your audience

Create an effective Communication Channel

Measure the real time impact of your marketing campaigns

Real Time interaction with your audience

Always show the right campaign to any potential customer any time.

Smart schedule of your campaigns

Display the most effective ad for every opportunity.



our audience measurement software with your Digital Signage platform


more customers to your stores.


the effectiveness of all your marketing campaigns

They have trusted us

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relEYEble is a computer vision company that applies deep learning algorithms to extract valuable information for your business.

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